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Some custom Powershell scripts and settings I like to have available for all Powershell sessions. To do this I add the following to my Powershell profile so it loads all scripts in a directory when opening. First create a directory to store the script files. I use c:\users\<USER>\ProfileScripts now add your scripts to that directory. For some starting scripts you can download a few of mine here PSProfile on Github

To edit the Powershell profile open a Powershell prompt and type:

notepad $profile
Code language: PHP (php)

Enter the following and update USER to be your username

#load scripts $psdir = "C:\Users\<USER>\ProfileScripts" Set-Location $psdir #autoload script directory $cnt = (Get-ChildItem $psdir).Count For($i = 0; $i -le $cnt; $i++) { Write-Progress -Activity "Loading Scripts" -status "Loading $i" -percentComplete ($i / $cnt*100) } Get-ChildItem "${psdir}\*.ps1" | %{.$_} Set-Location c:\users\<USER> Write-Host -foregroundcolor green "Custom Powershell Environment Loaded"
Code language: PHP (php)

Now save and open a new powershell prompt and all ps1 files in the ProfileScripts directory will be loaded.

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