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    This is a simple Autodesk Flexnet License manager web interface that allows you to see license usage in realtime.
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    Researching and developing innovative success oriented digital mobile solutions. Expand your audience and utilize technology to enable greater access to your data and applications.


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MS Office 365 DirSync Username not syncing With AD

MS Office 365 is great. The ability to sync MS Office 365 with Active Directory is convenient and manageable. Since using DirSync with MS Office 365 I have come across an issue multiple times when...

Powershell get AD user group membership

In powershell to get the groups that a user’s a member of use the following command:

Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership  | select name
MSSQL rebuild all table indexes

​Here is an altered script from SQLAuthority to rebuild all table indexes. It reads the tables from sys.tables and rolls through them processing the rebuild.