Tailscale: Create your own VPN

Tailscale is a service that allows you to connect to private resources by connecting them together in a WAN type configuration. Tailscale has a free tier that allows a user to connect 20 devices.

The way that tailscale works is that it creates a tailscale interface and assigns a private IP to your resources when you install the tailscale client. This creates a VPN between your private resources allowing secure access. I personally use this to connect my laptop and Android phone to my Virtual Private Servers running pihole and DNS over HTTPS providing secure DNS and ad blocking for my devices no matter what network I am on.

Tailscale also allows you to select an exit node to route traffic for the client. So you can use your own VPS as a VPN gateway for your devices if you wish. This allows you to route your clients traffic out the exit node. This is good for hosting your own VPN gateway. The below video will go over logging in and installing the tailscale client to create a network between resources and using one resource as an exit node.

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